#Bread box


  • Tiroir muni d’une encoche pour insérer un contreplaqué ou plexiglass avec le dessous 5/8″ plus bas pour permettre d`y insérer le contreplaqué ou plexiglass.
  • Autres essences sont disponibles sur demande.


  • The top portion of this drawer is grooved 5/8″ below the topsides to allow the insertion of a plywood or Plexiglas lid.
  • Other wood essences are available on demand.
Black walnut

Black walnut (Juglans nigra): Walnut is a fine grained wood with subtle veining. The sapwood’s colour varies from white to pale brown. The heartwood is chocolate brown. Walnut is a highly prized essence and is used for high-end furniture and caskets. It is also used to manufacture mouldings and architectural millwork.

Natural Birch

Natural Maple


Sugar maple (Acer saccharum): Sugar maple’s sapwood is ivory white with a slight yellowish brown undertint. The heartwood’s colour varies from grayish brown to dark fawn. Easily worked, sugar maple is often used to make mouldings, furniture, architectural millwork and decorative trim. It is also a popular choice for flooring and sporting goods.



Cherry wood (Prunus serotina): Cherry wood is a fine grained top quality wood. Its dark red to brownish red heartwood conjures images of luxury and elegance. The sapwood’s colour varies from white to pale creamy yellow. Cherry wood is mainly used for high end furniture, architectural millwork, mouldings and wooden objects, but can also be used for flooring.