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Moulures - Moulures Jonh


Special mouldings profiles in a variety of wood essences


Butcher's blocks

Uniquely designed, quality butcher blocks

Tiroirs - Moulures Jonh


Uniquely designed, quality butcher blocks

Accessoires - Moulures Jonh


Wooden accessories to embellish your kitchen


About Moulures Jonh

JONH specializes in the manufacturing of wood components, and offers a wide selection of products for cabinet and furniture makers as well as for woodworkers. Our leading products are mouldings, drawers, butcher blocks, and dimension lumber. We also offer woodworking services for custom-made products.

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Environmental philosophy

At JONH, the environment and conservation of resources are important. The transformation of high-quality products which are used in the manufacturing of high end furniture and kitchen cabinets ensures an increased lifespan. In addition, the wastes generated are in turn processed and recovered for animal bedding and combustion material.

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