Our philosophy

We believe in work well done, in product durability and in showing the utmost respect for the raw material we work with since it takes decades for each tree to grow.

Our philosophy is one of action and durability. We also like to cultivate long term partnerships with our suppliers and clients – some our partnerships have been ongoing for over 30 years! We have prospered together and we are convinced that quality will undoubtedly foster loyalty.

Complicity with our clients

JONH pays great attention to its clients’ needs, and works with them to find new products and new ways of doing things. By doing so, we have managed to considerably shorten our manufacturing time. We are constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations in our field of work.


Our team

Robert Lacroix
Sales representative
Carl Houle
Customer service
Ghislain Houle
Director of Operations
Marc Houle
General manager
We have over 20 devoted employees who truly love working with wood.

You are meticulous, able to work without supervision and enthusiastic about woodworking?

+ Come work with us!

Our history

In 1979, Joseph Orig.ne No.l Houle founded the firm, lending it his name. Initially, the company focused on drying and selling rough-sawn hardwood intended for cabinet-makers in the Eastern Townships region.

Relying on its growing reputation for quality and service, the company then decided to broaden its undertaking with the manufacturing of finished products, applying the same rigorousness as always. JONH succeeded in providing superior quality and reasonable turnaround times. The client base spread, and so did the territory served.

Since the early 2000s, the firm has made top priorities and goals of continuously improving and making sure that its products and production constantly evolve. As part of pursuing this objective, the firm invested in a ventilated warehouse for naturally pre-drying wood, added a second moulding (profiling) machine, and, very recently, automated and computerized the production line.